Darginma are inmoral and immortal demons. They are ranging in appear and status, and given a special title and 'house' name. They stalk the planes of Azerganre.

History In the Mortal PlaneEdit

Darginma Language in the Mortal PlaneEdit

Webquiza and the Burned KingEdit

The Darginma came into mortal knowledge in the year 214 CGE, Corgen Gieou Era, although they were around since time began in some accounts and tales. Most accounts appear in, The Tales of Jasper: To Touch The Gods', but the true adventurer of Darginma lore can contact one of the Darginma and recieve a copy of, Tauanimus Higjku', after completing the Denquil Trails of Demonic Soul. Inside, Tauanimus Higjku,' is a inscribition not in any known mortal 'language. When the philosopher, Aercicius Telonees, found his copy he named the odd script, Darginmaki, or demon script. Later on his death bed he attempted to summon Wequiza, a demon of wisedom and high stature but also a twisted love of manipulation. Wequiza gave Aercicius the choice: He could learn the alphabet of the Darginma or live for eterinty. Aercicius laughed at the offer saying," If I live an eterinty I can call myself to your plane and steal the knowledge. Wequiza smirk slightly and acted defeated. In the year 548 CGE, Aercicius gathered componets to some the Immortal Gateway. By 557 CGE, he lay restless in bed, now over 150 years old his guards and wisemen questioned his dabblings in necromancer or other dark arts. He was tried for Demonic consumption and sentenced to death by fire. As his castle burned he was enraged with his subjects disloyalt and let the flames swallow all of his kingdom, this is later known as The Black City of Ashes or Grizahuang in Darginmaki. Aercicius was charred and immoblized but ruled his undead minions and slayed the nearby villages in his domain. Soon enough Wequiza returned chortling at the carnage, he gave Aercicius edmintence into the Darginma ranks and he gladly accepted.

Dorsinki and AzelEdit