"Can't distant whispers break the void, down from sky the death gods shall fly. In darkest hours where we see, the guardians in our dreams. Does he walk on the shores and sand, was here or never damned. We can see his silent march, a crusade against the night. When the darkness is lifted from this land, hope and faith will reattend. Land banish by the gods, land forsaken and dead. We see the hero, hear his might, if only he passes in time. Pray great time, he'll purge land, of darkness and death gods hands. Only in the darkness is the candle brightest, for only then is it seen."

-Song of The Holy Chapel of Eveaan

Hero's Rise- Gaurizku's SongsEdit

Savior of the SvengalesEdit

"Voljac, Voljac, you healed our wounds. Sencencted the gods to death. Laid us to sleep on a bed of hay, and gave us back our homeland. The plague which consumed us bore its toll. Not only us but you as a whole, and thus you share our pain. The plague is a sin, casted by the gods, they touched our lords and shread their hope filling it with fear. Our mask hide our sorrow and cover our wounds, tell us of the facade. In the end we suffered but never lustered for now we are free. Voljac, Voljac, you healed our wounds."