== The Meldrake Wilds from which none survive.==

The Meldrake Wilds are home to the many Eur races, the Svengales and most of all the hostile Meldrake.


Located in the heart of Honanrika, the most north-western countinent on most world maps, and just due east of the large city of Zanderhaven. The dense forest hugs the rims of the Colobanani Mountain range and strechs out to the Shores of Sorrows, at the south end of Honanrika. Many thick clearings dot the vast forest and allow refugee for those who live there.

Native LifeEdit

The Meldrake Wilds has a misty climate near the shore, or even tropical in locations like Mistforger, and a more temperate climate inland. This climate supports the Meldrakes which thrive on the land and feed off the creatures that live within the forest's grasp.


Both vicious and effiecent the Meldrake will drain it's victims blood and replace it with a feverant disease.