== Svengales, Prophets of the Forest.==

Svengales are stubby robed figure each with a unique mask signifying his or her rank.

Native LifeEdit

The Svengales were native to the massive islands of Sercavia, a chain of tropical islands out in the Torarian Sea. They ate large tropical fruits and the occasional Ferolizard. Most live in the city-sized temples which house their highly populated tribes although on occasion they are found in small huts or secluded camps. Although they do not enjoy fishing they are adept with spears and other polearms; inclueding staffs and pikes. It is unknow if there are female Svengales, due to their robed and masked figures, but they clearly reproduce due to their rapid growth in population. Until 652 BDE, Boorius Dominian Era, the Svengales lived peacefully on the island with the many Eur races, Reptilious races which inhabit Sercavia, the Meldrake Wilds and distant land of Elavra.

The Evacuation of the SvengalesEdit

In 652 BDE the Nueon God, Vulgath, along with his brothers Nirmamael and Garmamael led the dark forces of the Nueon Planes, other realms in the Dera Realm consumed in the Crystasilien plague, into Sercavia to hunt the native life. Their warriors spread the Crystalilien plague onto the land and people. Most of the Eur races on the islands died out instantly, except the Shidora, serpent people, for fought and eventually sided with the Nueon hordes and the gods themselves. The Svengales fleed by using a mystic energy The Simple One bestowed upon them. The Simple One lifted the city of Zyjgerik, and any of the Svengales inside, and threw it into a five day cycle through the many planes of exsistence. Felor'Gamhal, The Simple One's keeper, advised that they land in the heart of the Meldrake Wilds for the vicious Meldrakes send even the bravest warriors running, After consideration The Simple One lowered Zyjgerik into the forest where it still stands today.

Svengalein GodsEdit

'Vooljac of Distant Land- God of Reform.' Sent into the realm to rethink the Svengalein Order.

'Das'kamir- Warrior God of Valor.' Sent into the realm to excute Vooljac's orders.

'Hermavis- Meldrake Familiar of Peace.' Lives with the peoples' cheif as a way to keep balance.

'Erntalva- Shidora Goddess of Compassion and Lust.' Adapted from Shidoran culture.