Yorshiredalein, translates to 'Land West of the Lienrath,' in Lienrathian tongue. Home to the spanning Empire of the Sun Elves, Yorshiredalein bears little resemblence to the lands east or north of it.



The mountains of sandy soil tower high into the many Elven-made suns of Yorshiredalien. Almost all the soil in Yorshiredalein is composed of sand. Low plains shift with golden blades of grass and many caves dot their surface. Mineral caves are common in this land, mostly composed of Blood Gems or Gold Veins. Sand coast strech across the vast edges of Yorshiredalein, many covered with massive sandstone arcs.


Sand is a major factor in Yorshiredalein flora. The grass itself is made of a sandy compound of silt and a fine grainy fog which fills the air. Flowers twist high into the sky, ranging from a foot to three meters in height, thier bright yellow petels complaiment the oranges and reds of the suns behind them. Most of these flowers resemble sunflowers, only slightly varying in how vine-like and spiraling they are. The trees in the land are even larger ranging from twenty-one meters to fifty-four meters. Their bush-like leaves bear sparkling hues of gold and bronze, some are even silver in more mineral-rich soil. These rare silver trees can only grow in Gauz'Nishaga, or 'The Land of Quick and Silver,' which references the mass amounts of quick-silver in the soil of the region.


The animals of the continent vary from hovering sacks of flesh to amber-tailed squirels.